We create efficient and affordable buildings

At Building Design Guys we consider how the different elements of a building work to meet the needs of the homeowner, occupant and the environment. We ensure that we consider the entire building design to create buildings that are affordable, efficient and good to live in. For a long time, we have promoted solutions that are sustainable by bringing together building designers and the technical experts needed to shape a new building or reshape an already existing building.

We are behind exemplary buildings

We Building Design Guys work seamlessly with our collaborators and are behind some of the buildings that are considered to be the exemplars of the construction industry. We are a full service firm for design, architecture and building of bathrooms, kitchens, additions and renovations.

We value integrity

Someone once said that home is where you find your heart and center your life. At Building Design Guys, we have helped hundreds of people to enhance the look of their homes. We are a designer and builder of homes that are not only fine when it comes to details but are also striking in appearance and efficient in use. We understand that integrity is critical and comes from your trade and developing your craft. We ensure that through honesty, we are open in our communication. We ensure that we build the facility you want and within your budget.

If you are unfamiliar with the design-build process, it’s a construction method where the design and construction of a building are contracted from a single source. Unlike the traditional construction where the client served as a mediator/referee between the architect and the general contractor, the design-build model ensures that there is a single accountability. This process helps to prevent any unnecessary delay as well as added costs of construction as a result of unforeseen discrepancies in the design which is typical of the traditional construction where the plans get designed early in advance.

At Building Design Guys we have a unique ability to continue providing top quality results while maintaining 100 percent client satisfaction. This is a direct reflection of the expertise of our staff, our top designer firms and the overall implementation of our design-build program. We strive to control the building schedule, lower costs and reduce disagreements between the design team and the contractor. On top of this, we provide a clear communication line between all the involved parties to ensure that there is a smooth delivery.

We have devised a set of principles that our staff applies in every project whether the aim is to rediscover a carriage house or pay homage to an American farmhouse. Some of the key benefits of our design-build module include:

Ensuring that we maintain realistic dates for the completion of the project

Minimizing additional costs of constructions as a result of implementation of some cost-effective advanced methods, systems and monitoring.

It makes it possible to start before the completion of the full design.

If you would like to try our building design, you can contact us on 888-307-9550.

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