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At Building Design Guys, we are a design/build remodeling company that specializes in developing designs and plans before executing them. For many years now, we have provided award winning renovations, additions, baths and kitchen. We are known for our high ethical standards, great service and exceptional quality of work.


Skilled team of staff

At Building Design Guys we cater for homeowners who would like to have a high level of comfort and trust us as they know that we will do their home remodeling projects right. We have an in-house design team, carpenters and other professionals who ensure that we deliver your project as per your needs. Our clients say that our staffs are very professional, courteous and respectful.


We are the industry leaders

At Building Design Guys we specialize in adding value solutions to selective as well as high-end projects. For many years now, our track record, accomplishments, mode of operation and enthused customers have helped us to be the industry leaders. This is as a result of our client-centered approach as well as our unmatched commitment to the satisfaction of our clients.

You can contact us on 888-307-9550.

Most homeowners usually turn to the services of a n architect when starting a project. However, there is another model that is increasingly becoming popular and this is the design and build. This involves hiring a full service company to implement the design and construction stage of your project instead of dividing the tasks between the architecture and the building company. As a design and build company, we Building Design Guys take up all the roles of architectures, contractors and building companies. We offer all these services all under one roof.

We focus on a process that is streamlined starting from the initial design to estimate phase to the physical construction. We aim to create that efficient experience for our clients. Since we handle the entire project, we are able to overlap the design as well as the construction stages of the process. This ensures that the project is hastened significantly. On top of these, we work to minimize risks associated with a project through our single-point responsibility contract.

Before choosing a design and build company, you will need to consider what you need in your new home. Is a large kitchen for entertaining guest the right one for you? Are you in need of several bedrooms for guests and children? Is a finished basement necessary for extra storage and space? After this, you should contact a building design company that meets your needs. One of the important factors to consider is the budget. At Building Design Guys we will work on your project depending on your budget. We can also help you to create the right budget for your construction.

There are many benefits of our design and build module. These include the single responsibility point for design & construction. Our module also ensures the speedy construction of your project. W can also help you early enough to identify the guaranteed costs. For all your building design needs, you can contact Building Design Guys on 888-307-9550.

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